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Admst: Jerri Sexton
125 Courthouse Square • Frankfort , IN 46041
Phone:765-659-6309 • Fax:765-659-0696
Mon-Fri 8:00AM - 4:00PM

The County Board of Commissioners, also referred to as the County Executive, is a three (3) member board, whose members are elected to four (4) year terms. Representatives for each district are elected on different ballot years.

Their duties include but aren´t limited to the following:

Auditing and authorizing claims against the county
Receiving bids and authorizing contracts
Controlling, maintaining, and supervising county property including courthouses, jails, and public offices
Supervising construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, and county buildings
Serves on various county boards, commissions, and committees

 Steve Woods  District 1

President  Josh Uitts  District 2

 Scott Shoemaker  District 3
Exercising appointive powers including both the selection of members to fill positions on boards, commissions, and committees, and appointments of certain department heads
Planning and implementing strategies for solid waste handling as members of solid waste district boards
Serve on the County Drainage Board with the County Surveyor

The Board of Commissioners meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 9:00a.m. in the Commissioners' Meeting Room on the 1st floor of the courthouse, with the exception of Monday being a holiday in which they will meet the next business day.

It takes two Board members to make a quorum to hold a legal public meeting. When only two members of the Board are present and there is no consensus, the Board must defer final actions until all 3 members are present. At least 48 hours notice must be given to hold a Special Session or Executive Session. A Special Session may be held to discuss things of urgency that cannot wait until the next scheduled meeting. These sessions are open to the public but the Board must adhere to the agenda posted. An Executive Session is held to discuss legal matters, or employee issues. These sessions are not open to the public and no minutes are taken.

Citizens wishing to be placed on the agenda should notify the Commissioners' Assistant at least 3 business days before the meeting.

The Board in its discretion may adjust the order of business and may entertain other business not shown on the agenda.

With a 48 business hour notice, Clinton County will provide appropriate aids and services to allow for effective communications for qualified persons with disabilities so they can participate equally in programs and services.

Public meetings may be recorded.

Board of Commissioners' Minutes

The files are in PDF form and you will need to have a PDF viewer to view them.
January Minutes 2017
February Minutes 2017
March Minutes 2017
April Minutes 2017
May Minutes 2017
June Minutes 2017
July Minutes 2017
August Minutes 2017

Steve Woods
District 1
(765) 654-3546

Josh Uitts
District 2
(765) 242-3008

Scott Shoemaker
District 3
(765) 242-6514

Clinton County Appointed Boards

Board of Health (4-year)

Dr. Stephen Tharp (Health Officer appt. by Health Board )
Dr. Erica Hughes (Commissioners ) 12-31-17
Ben Flora (Commissioners ) (D ) 12-31-17
Claudia Houchens (Commissioners ) (D ) 12-31-18
Dr. Joseph Dominik (Commissioners ) (D ) 12-31-18
Dr. Bret Eaton (Commissioners ) (R ) 12-31-19
Dr. Melissa Roche (Commissioners ) (R ) 12-31-19
Patti Biesner (Commissioners ) (D ) 12-31-20

Frankfort Library Board (4-year)

Greg Williamson (Librarian )
Carolyn Sharp (Library Board ) 02-28-17
Deanne Hunter (Board of Education ) 02-28-17
Joe Hilgenhold (Board of Education ) 02-28-18
Marc Hodges (Board of Eduation ) 02-28-18
Pam Powers (Commissioners ) 02-28-19
Annie Bacon (Commissioners ) 02-28-20
Dr. Jarod Cates (County Council ) 02-28-20
Phoebe Smith (County Council ) 02-28-21

Co Contractual Library Board (4-year)

Carolyn Sharp (Library Board ) 02-28-17
Cary Carter (Commissioners ) 12-31-17
Gene Marshall (Auditor ) 12-31-18
Marianne Orr (Commissioners ) 12-31-19
Diane Bever (Auditor ) 12-31-20

Colfax Library

Dan Tate (County Council ) 12-31-18
Vicki Oswalt (Commissioners ) 12-31-20

Kirklin Library (4-year)

Tammy Campbell
Tina Surber
Marie Hendrickson
Rebecca Davis
Gina Crenshaw
Phil Beaver (County Council ) 05-13-17
Kelly Haerr (Commissioners ) 12-31-20

Partners in Progress

Stan Smith (CCEAF/PIP )
Joe Doan (PIP )
Shan Sheridan (Chamber )
Eric Spencer (Clinton Prairie District )
Debbie Graves (PIP )
John Shoup (Clinton Central District )
Russ Kaspar (PIP )
Dan Lahrman (Rossville District )
Mayor Chris McBarnes
Mark Mills (Planner )
Fred Carter (PIP - Industry )
Marc Hodges (County Council - 2 Years ) 12-31-17
Josh Uitts (Commissioners - 3 Years ) 12-31-18
Jeff Chynoweth (County Council - 2 Years ) 12-31-18

Clinton County Redevelopment Commission (1-year)

Dr. Tim Snyder (Alternate ) 12-31-17
Russel Schultz 12-31-17
Alan Dunn 12-31-17
Jim Need (County Council ) 12-31-17
Jay Hawley 12-31-17
Marc Hodges (County Council ) 12-31-17

Wild Cat Solid Waste District

Clark Beard (County Council ) 12-31-17
Steve Woods (Commissioners ) 12-31-17
Josh Uitts (Commissioners ) 12-31-17
Scott Shoemaker (Commissioners ) 12-31-17
Mayor Chris McBarnes 12-31-17
Bob Stambaugh (Town Board Member ) 12-31-17
James Moyer (City Council ) 12-31-17

Alcoholic Beverage Board (1-year)

Ben Pfeffer (Commissioners ) (R ) 12-31-17
Richard Greeno (Mayor ) (D ) 12-31-17
Myron Chezem (County Council ) (R ) 12-31-17

Board of Zoning Appeals (4-year)

Larry Mosier (appointed by Mulberry ) 12-31-17
Scott Hettsmanberger (appointed by Commissioners ) 12-31-17
Clark Beard (appointed by commissioners ) 12-31-19
Larry Mennen (appointed by County Council ) 12-31-19
Don Hinesley (appointed by Rossville ) 12-31-19

Area Plan Commission (4-year)

Dan Sheets (Surveryor - interim ) 12-31-17
Dr. Chris Sampson (CC School Superint ) 12-31-17
Steve Woods (Commissioners ) 12-31-19
Clark Beard (County Council ) 12-31-20
Larry Mennen (County Council ) 12-31-20
Larry Price (Commissioners ) 12-31-20

Frankfort/Clinton County Airport Authority Board (4-year)

Joe Catron (City ) (R ) 12-31-17
Justin Fisher (City ) (D ) 12-31-17
Jeff Little (Commissioners ) (D ) 12-31-17
Stan Smith (Commissioners ) (R ) 12-31-18
John Hinshaw (City ) (R ) 12-31-18
Alan Dunn (Commissioners ) (R ) 12-31-20

Frankfort Economic Development Commission (4-year)

Donald Rusk (County Council ) 01-31-16

Big Cicero Drainage Board

Scott Shoemaker (Commissioners ) 12-31-17

National Organization on Disability

Don Albitz (Commissioners ) 12-31-17

PTBOA (1-year)

Nick Bales (County Council ) (R ) 12-31-17
Mike Nichols (Commissioners ) (D ) 12-31-17
Sandy Irion (Commissioners ) (R ) 12-31-17

Community Corrections

Mike Hensley (County Council ) 12-31-17
Scott Shoemaker (Commissioners ) 12-31-17

American Disability Act Board (1-year) Council

Jake Myers (County Council ) 12-31-17

County Attorney (1-year) Commissioners

Tom Little (Commissioners ) 12-31-17

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