Clinton County Council

Mike Hensley
1062 N. Union Rd
Frankfort, IN 46041
Alan Dunn
6850 E County Road 50S
Michigantown, IN 46057
Ron Gascho
Box 31
Rossville, IN 46065
Mark Mitchell
1203 N Main St.
Frankfort, IN 46041
Steve Woods
4521 N County Road 100E
Frankfort, IN 46041
Jake Myers
1007 E. Clinton St.
Frankfort, IN 46041
Steve Frey
658 Harvard Terrace
Frankfort, IN 46041

The Clinton County Council members must reside within the county and the district from which they were elected, if applicable.

Council also sets and approves the County's annual property tax levy.

County Council is responsible for establishing an annual budget for County Government. Council is also responsible for appropriating funds for the operation of County Government. The County Auditor serves as the clerk of the fiscal body.

What We Do:

  1. Exclusive power to fix the tax rate for county purposes and for all other purposes where the rate not fixed by law is required to be uniform, and impose the tax levy.
  2. Exclusive power of making appropriations to be paid out of the county treasury.
  3. Adoption of the annual budget after receiving estimates submitted by the various county agencies through the county auditor, subject to the modification by the State Board of Tax Commissioners.
  4. Incurring county indebtedness within the constitutional limitations.
  5. Appropriation of additional funds arising after the budget is adopted.
  6. Reappropriation of surplus funds which might be surrendered by one department of county government.
  7. Fixing of salaries of officers, deputies, assistants and employees whose salaries are payable from any county fund, with certain exceptions as provided by the statutes granting this authority.
  8. Levying taxes to provide funds for erecting new jails and repairing, remodeling, and enlarging of old jails.