Clinton County Probation Department

Circuit: (765) 659-6355
Superior: (765) 659-6357

This office’s primary functions:

Case Supervision
Alcohol & Drug Intervention
Domestic Violence


You have been placed on Probation. This means for the time stated by the Judge you must abide by all the terms she has listed for you. If you fail to comply with the terms of Probation it may be revoked. While on Probation you must maintain monthly contact with your Probation Officer as directed. It is also necessary to be sure that the information in the Probation Office remains current. If you change jobs you must inform the office within 24 hours. If you fail to comply with any of the signed, written terms of Probation the Court will be notified and your Probation may be revoked. If you are found to have violated a term of your Probation, you could serve all or part of your suspended sentence or have your Probation extended.

Your Guide for Successful Completion

  1. Obey all laws of the City, State, and Federal Government.
  2. Maintain monthly contact as directed by your Probation Officer.
  3. Maintain gainful employment.
  4. Notify your Probation Officer of any change in employment or residence.
  5. Pay all fees ordered by the Court.
  6. Complete all recommended programs to provide verification of completion.

Important Information

You will be given an appointment time. Show up on time for this appointment. Failure to report as directed may result in a violation of your probation.

Fines and Court Costs must be paid to the Clerks office. These payments must be in the form of cash or money order. The money order must be made out to the Clinton County Clerk and must include your name and cause number. Be aware of the amount of time you are given to pay this off. If it is not paid within this time you will be assessed a late fee.

Restitution, Probation User Fees, Pauper Attorney Fees, and Alcohol and Drug Fees are paid to the Probation Department. Payments can be mailed or brought to the office.

If a Drug Screen is conducted a fee will be incurred based on the type of screen performed. This is in addition to any fees already assessed.

If you are arrested or are charged with a new offense during your term of Probation you must inform your Probation Officer within forty-eight (48) hours unless jailed; and then within forty-eight (48) hours of your release from jail.

You will not be released from Probation until all terms are satisfied, including your financial obligations. If you fail to make monthly payments towards your financial obligations, you may be returned to Court..