60 E. Washington Street
Frankfort, Indiana 46041
Telephone: (765) 659-2966 * Fax: (765) 654-4523

Staff Office Hours:
  1. Eric W. Spencer, Director
  2. Bruce J. Barney, Field Officer
  3. Brett A. Barton, Field Officer
  4. Steven J. Pearcy, Administrative Assistant
  1. Monday          8am – 12, 1-4pm
  2. Tuesday         8am – 12, 1-4pm
  3. Wednesday   8am – 12, 1-4pm
  4. Thursday        8am – 12, closed
  5. Friday              8am – 12, 1-4 pm

Home Detention Program Information

Acceptance criteria for Adults:
  1. Offender has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor and has been sentenced to a term on home detention.
  2. Offender has not been convicted of a sex crime.
  3. Offender must have an acceptable Clinton County residence and local telephone service with no special features such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, automatic call back, voice mail and will not use an answering machine.
  4. Offender must be willing to follow program guidelines.
Fee Schedule:  
  1. Installation Fee
  2. Daily Fee
  3. Drug Screens
  1. $100.00 (one time fee)
  2. $10.00 / day
  3. $30.00 each

We require a payment of $200.00 at the time of installation ($100.00 installation fee, $70.00 first week of daily fees, $30.00 baseline drug screen). We require that all fees be paid at the time of installation for sentences of 30 days or less. You are required to stay current with your program fees. If you become more than 30 days delinquent the Court and Probation Department will be notified. This delinquency could result in you serving part of or your entire executed and/or previously suspended sentence in jail.

Permitted Leaves: INDIANA CODE 35-2.5-6
  1. A requirement that the offender be confined to the offender’s home at all times except when the offender is:
    1. Working at employment approved by the court or traveling to or from approved employment;
    2. Unemployed and seeking employment approved for the offender by the court;
    3. Undergoing medical, psychiatric, mental health treatment, counseling, or other treatment programs approved for the offender by the courts.
    4. Attending an educational institution or a program approved for the offender by the court;
    5. Attending a regularly scheduled weekly religious service at a place of worship; or
    6. Participating in a community work release or community restitution or service program approved for the offender by the court.

ALL leave requests must be approved by: Supervising Officer or Program Director