Clinton County Recorder

Elizabeth J. Keeney
270 Courthouse Square
Frankfort, IN 46041
(765) 659-6320

The County Recorder was the first office created by the Constitution of the State of Indiana in 1816. It is the primary duty of the Recorder to record documents submitted, if they meet the necessary recording requirements, and maintain those documents for perpetuity.

Documents submitted for recording basically fall into four categories:
  1. Deed and other conveyances
  2. Mortgages and other liens
  3. A vast range of miscellaneous documents
  4. Uniform commercial Code (UCC)documents

Employees of the Recorder's Office are not bonded to do searches and CANNOT do searches for you. We will be happy to instruct you on how to search and guide you in the right direction.

No legal advice or opinions will be given by the Recorder's staff either in person or by phone.

Computers are available in the Recorder's Office for public access:
  1. Records from August 1995 through present - Computer Index
  2. Records from 1961 through 1995 - General Index Books
  3. Records from 1828 through 1960 - Deed, Mortgage & Miscellaneous Books

The Recorder's Office will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding recording requirements. Please feel free to call this office at (765) 659-6320