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Rossville Consolidated Schools

Rossville Consolidated School District is a preeminent school corporation with high achievement expectations through a student-centered, educator-driven approach involving parents, community, and alumni. School Mission Statement Rossville Schools ensure students acquire knowledge and skills, build self-reliance, exhibit positive attitudes, and value life-long learning and achievement. School Song Fight team for R.H.S. Fight Rossville High. Battles are fought and won by thinking it can be done. So if we will do our best, we'll never fail. Courage will stand the test, so fight for Rossville win for Rossville High!
(School song is sung to the tune "Anchors Aweigh.")
School Colors: The school colors are red and white.
School Mascot: The school mascot is the Hornet.

Community Schools of Frankfort

The Community Schools of Frankfort is a place where students and parents choose to attend, and highly effective personnel desire to work. Students will be provided a rigorous and relevant curriculum that begins with early childhood education and extends beyond the classroom. Technology will be highly utilized across the curriculum, and students will apply their talents to impact their lives and the world around them. CSF faculty and staff will be supported through professional development and have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources made possible through sound fiscal management. Achievement will be a shared responsibility among stakeholders, thus developing a sense of pride within the community.
School Colors: The school colors are blue and white.
School Mascot: The school mascot is the Hot Dog.

Clinton Central School Corporation

Clinton Central Jr./Sr. High School students are unique individuals who will successfully earn diplomas that enhance their career pathways and allow them to flourish in an everchanging global society. Clinton Central graduates will be productive citizens who benefit their communities, value lifelong learning, and practice civic and social responsibility.
The school song is to the tune of "Old Northwestern"
School Colors: The school colors are green and white.
School Mascot: The school mascot is the Bull Dog.

Clinton Prairie School Corporation

The mission of Clinton Prairie High School is to enable each student to achieve his or her personal best by providing a safe and positive environment that fosters tolerance, integrity and respect while promoting academic excellence, community involvement and commitment to life-long learning.
School Colors: The school colors are red and black.
School Mascot: The school mascot is the Gopher.


Fire Departments of Clinton County

Station 6
Kirklin Volunteer Fire Department
Mike Goff, Fire Chief
103 W Jefferson St.
Kirklin, IN 46050
Station 7
Michigantownship Volunteer Fire Department
Dave Trees, Fire Chief
100 E Seventh St.
Michigantown, IN 46057
Station 8
Johnson Township Volunteer Fire Department
Gordon Phillips, Fire Chief
8983 E County Rd. 0 N/S
Frankfort, IN 46041
Station 9
Rossville Volunteer Fire Department
Mike Rothenberger, Fire Chief
350 E Main St.
Rossville, IN 46065
Station 11
Madison Township Volunteer Fire Department
Tom Smith, Fire Chief
606 E Jackson St.
Mulberry, IN 46058
Station 12
Perry Township Volunteer Fire Department
Mike Padgett, Fire Chief
103 E Main St.
Colfax, IN 46035
Station 13
Forest Volunteer Fire Department
Stace Alter, Fire Chief
9270 E County Rd 600 N
Forest, IN 46039
Frankfort Fire Department
John Kirby, Fire Chief
257 S Clay St
Frankfort, IN 46041
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