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Britt Ostler
225 Courthouse Square • Frankfort , IN 46041
Phone:765-659-6330 • Fax:765-659-6391
Mon-Fri 8:00AM - 4:00PM

The Auditor is the Chief Financial Officer of the County. The staff is responsible for handling all receipts and disbursements of county funds, creating financial statements for the county, completing annual reports for review by the State Board of Accounts, and maintaining payroll for all county employees.

Additionally, the office handles all transfers of ownership of real property, maintains tax duplicates for all real, personal, mobile home, drainage and special assessment records, controls distributions of tax collections, and manages the filing of all applications for exemptions and deductions allowable by state statute.

The Auditor is also the Secretary to the County Council and County Commissioners. All budgets, salary ordinances, additional appropriations, transfers, and abatement applications are submitted to Council for approval. Contracts, Ordinances, payroll, and claims are submitted to the Commissioners for approval. The Auditor also maintains minutes for both the Council and Commissioner proceedings.

Deductions and Other Forms

The files are in PDF form and you will need to have a PDF viewer to view them.
Blind and Disabled Deduction
Cancellation Notice
Disabled Veterans & Surviving Spouses Deduction
Geothermal Deduction Instructions
Heritage Barn
Homestead Cancellation form
Homestead Deduction
Indiana Property Tax Benefits
Model Residence Deduction
Mortgage Deduction
Over 65 Deduction & Circuit Breaker Credit
Rehabilitated Property
Rehabilitated Property Over 50 Years Old

Quarterly Appeals

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