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Area Plan

2015 Unified Development Ordinance
1974 Comprehensive Plan
2012 Clinton County Comprehensive Plan
Petition For Special Exception To The Clinton County Unified Zoning Ordinance
1977 Zoning Ordinance
Petition For A Variance To The Clinton County Unified Zoning Ordinance
1993 Unified Zoning Ordinance
1993 Unified Subdivision Control Ordinance
Petition For Primary Approval Of A Minor Subdivision Plat
Petition For Secondary Approval Of A Minor Subdivision Plat
1993 Comprehensive Plan
Interstate 65 Interchange Economic Development Plan
Minor SD Acceptance Checklist
Frankfort and Clinton County Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan
Petition For Primary Approval Of A Major Subdivision Plat
Petition For Secondary Approval Of A Major Subdivision Plat
Health Dept. Kennel Ordiance
Major SD Acceptance Checklist
APC Inspection Guide 2021
Petition To Rezone Or Amend The Clinton County Unified Zoning Ordinance
Petition For Approval Of A Development Plan
Petition For Approval Of A Development Plan For State Road 28 Overlay District
Petition For Approval of a Solar Development Plan
Petition For Solar Overlay Rezoning
Petition To Appeal An Official Decision


Blind and Disabled Deduction
Cancellation Notice
Disabled Veterans & Surviving Spouses Deduction
Geothermal Deduction Instructions
Heritage Barn
Homestead Cancellation form
Homestead Deduction
Indiana Property Tax Benefits
Model Residence Deduction
Mortgage Deduction
Over 65 Deduction & Circuit Breaker Credit
Rehabilitated Property
Rehabilitated Property Over 50 Years Old


Backflow Prevention Program - O2020-03
Unified Development Ordinance Admendment 2020-01
Unified Development Ordinance Admendment 2020-02


January 18 Joint Executive Minutes 2023

Emergency Management

Earthquakes Fact Sheet
Avoiding Earthquake Damage
Avoiding Flood Damage
Extreme Heat Fact Sheet
Floods and Flash Floods Fact Sheet
Avoiding Wildfire Damage
Avoiding Wind Damage
Hazardous Materials Fact Sheet
House and Building Fires Fact Sheet
Landslides and Mudflows Fact Sheet
Nuclear Emergency Fact Sheet
Terrorism Fact Sheet
Thunderstorms and Lightning Fact Sheet
Tornadoes Fact Sheet
Wildland Fires Fact Sheet
Winter Driving Fact Sheet
Winter Storms Fact Sheet


County Map
Highway Fees for Utility Permits and Culverts
Utility Permit
Road Access Permit
Rights-of-Way Resolution
Road Cut Permit


Clinton County Superior Court Infraction Deferral Program
Frankfort City Court Infraction Deferral Program
Documenting Restitution
Restitution Form
Victim Impact Statement Resource Guid
Victim Impact Statement


Certificate of Assumed Business Name


Drainage Ordinance
Commissioner Districts Map
Schedule of Assessments
Hardy Hills Solar Drainage Plan
Hardy Hills Stormwater Management Report
Surveyor Report
Council Districts Map
GIS Ordinance
Outlet Permit
Precincts Map
Schedule of Assessments - Project Total
Schedule of Damages
School Districts Map
Surveyor Permits
Utility Encroachment Permit
County Roads Map
Frankfort Corp Map
Drainage Glossary
Clinton County Map
Frankfort Council Districts Map
Frankfort Precincts Map
Tree Roots and Tiles
Prairie Creek Order
Frankfort Roads Map
Big Cicero Drainage Board
Variance Application CCDB
Watersheds Map


2016 Tax Rates
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