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Dan Sheets
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The County Surveyor's Office establishes and reestablishes all Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Corner positions of the sectionalized lands in Clinton County, monuments them and records their positional data in the Surveyor's Office. By statute, at least five percent of the corners must be checked each year. All legal surveys submitted to the County Surveyor's Office are recorded and maintained in a legal survey record book.

Our founding fathers placed the office of County Surveyor in the State Constitution. They wanted to keep people with the knowledge of cut parcels, town and city boundaries, drains and topography as officeholders elected by the people. They waned the surveyors to remain in service to their counties for longer periods of time, and therefore did not impose term limits on the County Surveyors.

All Clinton County Drainage Board actions are reviewed and processed through this office. Maintenance and reconstruction work on the county's regulated drains and ditches are designed, bid and managed by the Surveyor's Office. Assessments for drainage improvements are calculated by the Surveyor's Office. We also respond to and investigate petitions for the removal of obstructions in mutual drains and natural surface watercourses.

The Clinton County Surveyor mantains all plat maps for county.

New development plans are reviewed by the Clinton County Surveyor's Office. Some items of review include:
  •Primary plats
  •Secondary plats
  •Storm water detention calculations and designs
  •Erosion control plans
  •Construction details, plans, profiles and specifications
  •Watershed analysis
  •Pipe design calculations
  •Engineer's estimates

A vertical control network of monuments and benchmarks is maintained by the Surveyor's Office. This network is constantly being expanded with the addition of new sites. Additionally a network of horizontal control monuments tied to the Indiana State Plane East Coordinate System is being developed. This system will aid in the development of the County GIS layers, future aerial photography and photogrammetric applications.

What We Do
  •Review of drainage problems and concerns
  •Repository for legal surveys and Section Corner information
  •Assistance with drain assessment concerns
  •Process Drainage Board petitions
  •Inspection of new development sites
  •Investigation of drainage complaints
  •Design new storm water facilities
  •Schedule maintenance work on drains and ditches
  •Invest funds while on deposit with the county

General Information

The Drainage Board was formed under Indiana Code 36-9-27 and its subsections are the guidelines that the board follows to carry out its duties.  These laws, and others pertaining to this division of our office, can be viewed by following our links on the Links page of our website.

Work performed for the Drainage Board is done through the Hydrology Division of our office.  That division is responsible for the maintenance, construction, and reconstruction of the county's regulated or legal drains.  A watershed is determined for each drain and drainage assessments are applied through the offices of the County Auditor and Treasurer.

County Drainage Board Members

Josh B. Uitts, President

Jordan Brewer, Vice President

Bert Weaver, Member

Daniel D. Sheets, County Surveyor (ex-officio)

Zachary J. Light, Secretary

Drainage Board Meeting

Regular meetings are held the first and third Monday of each month at 10:15AM in the Commissioners´ Meeting Room, County Courthouse.

If you have an item to be placed on the Clinton County Drainage Board’s Agenda, the request should be submitted to the Surveyor’s Office no later than five working days before the scheduled meeting.

The agenda for an upcoming regular meeting will be posted with the meeting on the county's calendar no later than the Friday prior to the scheduled meeting date and will be removed and replaced for each meeting.

County Maps

The files are in PDF form and you will need to have a PDF viewer to view them.
Commissioner Districts Map
Council Districts Map
Precincts Map
School Districts Map
County Roads Map
Frankfort Corp Map
Frankfort Council Districts Map
Frankfort Precincts Map
Frankfort Roads Map
Watersheds Map


The files are in PDF form and you will need to have a PDF viewer to view them.
Drainage Ordinance
GIS Ordinance
Outlet Permit
Surveyor Permits
Utility Encroachment Permit
Drainage Glossary
Clinton County Map
Tree Roots and Tiles
Prairie Creek Order
Big Cicero Drainage Board
Variance Application CCDB

The files are in PDF form and you will need to have a PDF viewer to view them.
M. Leibenguth Damanges
M. Leibenguth Reconstruction Assess. Schedule 10yr
M. Leibenguth Reconstruction Assess. Schedule Project Total
Surveyor Report - M. Leibenguth Reconstruction

The files are in PDF form and you will need to have a PDF viewer to view them.
Hardy Hills Solar Drainage Plan
Hardy Hills Stormwater Management Report

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