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Gina Brettnacher
220 Courthouse Square • Frankfort , IN 46041
Phone:765-659-6325 • Fax:765-659-6391
Mon-Fri 8:00AM - 4:00PM

The Treasurer is an elected position and serves a four (4) year term. The primary duty of the Treasurer is that of tax collector. In case of delinquent taxes, the sale of real property to pay for such delinquencies may be ordered by the Treasurer. In addition to property taxes, this office also collects excise tax from license branches, and is responsible for keeping a record of current property owners' addresses, alcoholic beverage licenses, and mobile home moving or transfer of ownerships.

It is our goal to serve you, the taxpayer, by developing more efficient ways for you to interact with our office. We are striving to make it easier for you to retrieve information, make payments and answer your most commonly asked questions.

With this web site you will be able to access accurate information 24 hours a day. If you have further questions, please email or call the Treasurer´s office, and we will be happy to assist you.

Pay Taxes Online

Pay your property taxes online through EZ Secure Pay.

Tax or Certificate Sale Information

Lists available in the Treasurer´s office or online at GUTS Tax Sale   Certificate Sale.

Property Tax Information

Review all Public Property Tax Information through Data PitStop.

Clinton County Property Tax For 2023

  1. Mailing: Tax bills will be mailed by April 15th. The mailing will include both the May and the November taxes due. Please save your tax coupons for the November payment. We do not mail again for the November installment.

  2. Due dates are May 10 and November 13, 2023.

  3. Payment methods: (You may include a stamped, self-addressed envelope & we will mail you a receipt.)
    1. Mail to Treasurer´s Office at 220 Courthouse Square. Envelopes must be postmarked on or before the due date or late penalties will be applied.
    2. Pay by dropbox located on the north side of the courthouse building. (Checks only please)
    3. Internet: County website at www.clintonco.com. See Pay My Taxes Online and use a credit or debit card or E-check.
    4. Pay by check or cash at any First Financial Bank branch (during normal business hours): for May collection - they will accept payments starting April 6, thru May 10. In November, the dates are October 9 thru November 13.
      Payments must match the TAX COUPON amount EXACTLY. YOU MUST HAVE THE TAX COUPON WITH YOU.
    5. In person: Payments may be made at the Clinton County Courthouse Treasurer´s office 2nd floor M-F 8:00 - 4:00.

  4. Credit or Debit Card or Echeck Charges: There are extra charges to use these payment methods.
    2.5% of total for card transactions.
    $1.00 fee for echecks.

  5. Penalties:
    1. If payment is not made on or before the due date, a 10% penalty will be added on the day after that date.
    2. If previous taxes are current, but payment is not made on or before the due date, the first 30 days will incur only a 5% penalty. On the 31st day the penalty will revert to the original amount of 10%.
    3. A penalty of 10% will also be added to any unpaid taxes or assessments at each additional installment due date.

  6. Our policy is to accept payment of taxes of any amount at anytime. Making partial payments, does not relieve the tax payer of late penalties, extra fees, or the property being subject to a tax sale.

Property Tax Form

See below for clarification on reading your tax statement.



On the first page of your yearly Property Tax Statement you will find several lines of useful information. The above image highlights several portions of your bill and the details are listed here.

1. This is the State Parcel Number associated with the particular property. When referencing your property, whether at the Treasurer’s Office, Auditor’s Office, or Assessor’s Office, the State Parcel Number is the fastest way to reference the correct property.

2. The “Payment Due By” line of your Tax Bill states the last day the amount owed on the property can be paid to the Bartholomew County Treasurer’s Office before penalties will automatically be applied.

3. This portion of your tax bill contains five (5) lines, each affecting the total amount due.

“Current Tax” denotes the amount of taxes the property owner is responsible for.

“Penalties and Fees” refers to penalties applied for tax payments that were delinquent. Note that any payments made after April 1st will not be included on your statement.

“Delinquent Tax” refers to the amount of taxes owed during previous tax years. Note that any payments made after April 1st will not be included on your statement.

“Other Assessments” denotes an additional amount of money in owed. This can be for services such as drains and will be detailed on the second page of your statement if money is owed.

“Less Advanced PAYMENTS” refers to payments that have been made and are credited toward the amount due.

4. The number here is the total amount of monies owed to the County with all of the adjustments preceding the number applied.


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